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Spinal Tumor Surgery

A spinal tumor is one of two basic types. Primary tumors originate in the spine or spinal cord. Secondary tumors are metastatic tumors that spread from another area to the spine. Ideally, spinal tumor surgery can completely remove the tumor with advanced surgical techniques and a maximum safety margin.

What are my surgical treatment options?

Not all spinal tumors require surgery. Some small tumors do not grow and are not creating pressure on the spine or neighboring tissue and only need to be carefully watched over time. Only a full evaluation of the condition will reveal the treatment options appropriate for you.

Spinal Tumor Surgery Los Angeles

Achieve Brain & Spine: A focus on optimal outcomes.

Our doctors focus on achieving the optimal outcome with every treatment. Your options will depend upon your diagnosis and can vary widely from person to person. At Achieve Brain & Spine, you will have ongoing, consistent access to our surgeons who possess an unrivaled level of experience delivered with empathy and genuine care. They are considered among the best spine surgeons in Los Angeles and Santa Monica.

In this stressful time when dealing with a diagnosis of a spinal tumor, we will strive to provide a personal touch and help your family and you through making this difficult journey a little easier. At Achieve Brain & Spine, we are doctors who know that hope and positivity are so important in the healing process and we will strive to provide you honest, accurate information with an empathetic, caring bedside manner.

Surgical treatment for spinal tumors

Surgery is most often prescribed for tumors that can be removed with little risk. Advanced techniques and highly evolved instrumentation including real-time microscopes give your doctor an unsurpassed ability to see into the area and distinguish tumor tissue from healthy tissue. Whenever possible, a minimally invasive spine surgery will be performed. If the vertebrae are weakened or fractured, then surgery might include a stabilization or fusion procedure.

Our spine surgeon can monitor the ongoing function of the spinal cord and major nerves during your operation to ensure only the tumor is acted upon. There are many state-of-the-art tools at his disposal to ensure a successful outcome. For example, high-frequency sound waves may be applied to the tumor to break it up and remove it.

Radiosurgery or chemotherapy can be used for treatment for some tumors and with a collaborative approach with your oncologists, we will recommend this treatment if appropriate.

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Patients will be tested for infection prior to surgery for their and the safety of hospital staff.

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Every attempt to safeguard that Neurosurgical and Spine Surgery can be done in this fast changing “new normal” time will be made so that those suffering in pain and neurological impairment can get the attention they have been putting off.

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