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Dr. Nagasawa is honored to have his patient’s remarkable recovery featured on the cover of St John’s Healthcare magazine! He was brought to the hospital with complete paralysis of his legs, and massive disc herniations compressing his spinal cord. After immediate emergent surgery to decompress and stabilize his spine, he miraculously improved and walked out of the hospital a few days later.

Dr. Deven Khosla and Dr. Daniel Nagasawa fused Stacy’s L2 through L5 disks together with a state-of-the-art, minimally invasive, robot-assisted surgical device, to which Stacy was the first patient ever to be treated with at Saint John’s Health Center. The surgery corrected the spine and allowed Stacy to return to normal activities.

Thank you to all the Neurosurgeons and Front-Line Workers for your tireless perseverance, dedication to your community, and selfless sacrifices during this unprecedented Pandemic.

*Special thanks to Simon Cowell, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Pooch Hall, Ryan Eggold, Coach Wilcox, Evan Silverberg, Tim Nagasawa, and the California Football Staff for their efforts to create this video.

“I couldn’t be more proud of Simon’s dedication and perseverance during his postoperative recovery. He healed remarkably well from surgery for his fractured spine, and is stronger and more healthy than ever before!" - Dr. Nagasawa

Excited to have been highlighted for this PBS Special in American Health Journal. It’s an honor to sit among Mister (Fred) Rogers and so many others who paved the way for public education and general kindness." - Dr. Nagasawa

“George is a 68 year-old male with years of severe neck and arm pain, numbness, weakness, decreased dexterity/ grip, and was dropping items. He underwent a 2.5 hour C3-7 Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (ACDF), woke up pain-free, and went home the next day!
Shared with patient permission”

This patient struggled with her herniated disc for two years prior to acutely worsening. I was consulted when she presented to the Emergency Room after experiencing excruciating pain in her left leg and was no longer able to walk.

MRI revealed a rare lateral disc herniation causing severe nerve compression. She underwent a 45-minute Minimally Invasive Microdiscectomy, and woke up pain-free!

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We are starting elective surgery with resumption of strict adherence to patient safety.

Patients will be tested for infection prior to surgery for their and the safety of hospital staff.

We have already been taking care of all emergency procedures and helping ICU physicians. With this experience, we are well versed on science based safety practices for covid and non-covid infected patients.

Every attempt to safeguard that Neurosurgical and Spine Surgery can be done in this fast changing “new normal” time will be made so that those suffering in pain and neurological impairment can get the attention they have been putting off.

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