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I am thrilled to learn that Dr. Daniel Nagasawa has graduated from his Residency and can now perform his healing magic at Achieve Brain and Spine in Santa Monica. Dr. Nagasawa certainly brings years of study, training, skill, and experience to his profession, but the magic part is his ability to understand and apply the principles of the mind/body connection and overlay all of that with authentic, loving compassion. He deeply understands the whole person part of healing.

I know it was from his pre and post-surgery approach of consistent education, guidance, concern, and care as well as his surgical skill that I went from unbearable pain with very limited mobility to living a pain-free, active life adventure in Santiago, Chile at age 77. It's true anything is possible at any age. However, the complications that age can bring to spine health can be overwhelming physically, mentally and emotionally. Dr. Nagasawa understands that on a deep level. He is truly a gift to his profession and the patients he assists to heal.

In May 2021, I met a doctor who turned out to be a complete magic man! My spine was so severely compressed, my legs, arms, neck, and back were losing those functions we all take for granted. The neck surgery was performed first, and I cannot tell you how good I felt after the procedure.

The back surgery was performed 60 days later. And, once again I felt like I had been re-born. Legs working, all good.

In January 2022 I went to work full-time. No drugs or opiates, Tylenol, CBD-THC, with other herbs that were reported to reduce inflammation, don’t know if it all was effective because of how Dr. Dan the Magic Man relieved the compression.

In March 2022 I moved from South Orange County to Los Angeles, carried furniture, moved boxes, etc. The only way this was allowed to happen is because of Dr. Nagasawa’s talent & experience in dealing with both spinal areas.

We used Robaxin, a non-narcotic muscle relaxant, after the neck surgery, which lessened the initial inflammation.

Exercise is on a three-wheel trike, walking about one mile a day, and it is all so much easier & comfortable.

Don’t misunderstand, I do have periodic pains, I do move slower, I do watch how I move, and what positions I rest in.

The two procedures not only gave me a life but substantially increased the higher quality of life we all so desire........Thank you, Dr. Nagasawa.

Dr. Khosla is an amazing surgeon. When spine surgery was no longer avoidable for me, I sought out Dr. Khosla specifically because of his extensive experience placing artificial discs in place of a fusion. Dr. Khosla came highly recommended by other neurosurgeons, so I had no doubt he'd be the best surgeon to perform the operation. The quality of the operation I received was unsurpassed, as was his counseling and care before and after. I feel very lucky to have Dr. Khosla as my spine surgeon. He is a kind, caring, and talented surgeon.

Very friendly and Doctor Khosla is very knowledgeable. He did not recommend unnecessary surgery but gave "red flags" to look for.

I am 60 years old and15 weeks out from major back surgery by Dr. Khosla. After four days in the hospital, and many weeks of rehab, yesterday, I walked 5 miles at the Lancaster Poppy Festival PAIN-FREE. Sure my feet hurt but sitting here the next day? "Still pretty much pain-free. Thank you, thank you, Dr. Khosla.

Dr. Khosla was my neurosurgeon when he was practicing in Reno, Nevada. He is is an excellent doctor! He saved my life.

So excited to learn about Achieve Brain & Spine and Dr. Deven Khosla. My husband has been having significant neck pain that has been keeping him awake at night. He initially went to physical therapy but didn't feel he was improving so we made an appointment with Dr. Khosla, and we are so glad we did. Dr. Khosla is kind, compassionate, thorough, knowledgeable, and experienced. He took the time to address all my husband's concerns and develop a plan that should get him back on track. One thing that made Dr. Khosla stand out was when he shared his passion for providing care to as many people as possible and not just the rich and famous. Living in the Beverly Hills, Santa Monica area it can feel like the best health care is mostly available for the wealthy. Fortunately, we now have Dr. Khosla and Achieve Brain and Spine to provide state of the art compassionate care! Thank you, Dr. Khosla, for your kindness and devotion to your patients! David L. Boyd BSN, RN, PHN, CEN.

My first time visiting with Dr. Deven Kholsa. Excellent doctor, explains everything in detail, he gives you an option if you want to call your family member and have them listen to the conversation at the same time. I've been having back issues for many years. I've been to spine surgeons and done many physical therapies for many years and my issue has never been resolved. For the first time after so many years of treatment, Dr. Khosla. mentioned to me I have a hairline fracture, other doctors never mentioned. Dr. Khosla does not rush you into surgery he approaches in different ways before you're down under the knife. He is an excellent doctor I would trust him my life. And Nicole who handles all scheduling and phone calls very professional.

I am so grateful I found Dr. Khosla as my surgeon. I had been struggling with low back pain, radiating left leg sciatica, and numbness in my left foot/toes for 8 months. Despite PT and epidurals, I continued to slog through the day in moderate pain; compromised in my work and life. As a former ICU nurse, I feared surgery. However, when I met Dr. Khosla in September of this year, I knew he was exceptional. You can find his credentials on the internet - they are numerous. However, observing him with my patient in pre-op was what convinced me to see him as a patient. He is the consummate professional; compassionate, caring, and also a highly skilled and experienced neurosurgeon. I am now 5 days post-op (L4-5 foraminotomy, L5-S1 Microdiskectomy), and have fully regained strength and sensation in my left foot. I have NO pain in the former area, very little incisional pain, and a new lease on life. Thank you so much for the excellent work you perform. I would be remiss if I did not also acknowledge his office staff. They are also excellent and elevate the patient experience to excellent!

I was concerned and stressed, as anybody would be, when I learned that I would need to undergo a cervical disc procedure. Sometimes more important than stellar credentials and qualifications (which he certainly has too!), is how your surgeon treats you and makes you feel. Dr. Nagasawa was incredibly kind, respectful and did an excellent job of explaining my procedure and all things associated to me, making what most people consider a scary time, a little less scary. He and his staff made me feel confident which is so important at a time of stress and concern! I also appreciate that he treats his staff with the utmost respect -- this quality is oftentimes overlooked! At this point I have underwent my procedure and am so thankful for Dr. Nagasawa and his staff -- I just keep getting better and better by the day! I would recommend Dr. Nagasawa to anybody in need of his expertise!

Dr Khosla did my back surgery 1 year & he is the best, I have no problems now with by back Dr. Khosla, first off, has an amazing bedside manner that is extremely hard to find these days. He’s kind and caring and very warm. He explained everything in detail and I felt incredibly comfortable with him. My ADR surgery at C5-6 was a success. I no longer have any electrical shocks in my upper back and neck. I still have some pain in my shoulder blade area but I’m only 6 weeks post op and he immediately referred me to acupuncture and PT. I highly recommend Dr. Khosla.. Thank you so much & Your the Greatest too, & you have a wonder staff also.

It has been nearly six years since Dr. Nagasawa cared for me, and I could never forget him. He was kind, patient, and attentive to me; further, when my physician brother called me and had questions, Dr. Nagasawa "talked doctor" to him and gave answers. Last year, a friend of mine from high school sustained a C-1 fracture, and when I contacted Dr. N, he made sure that my friend got the best care. I will always be grateful.

Dr. Khosla performed a C3-C7 Anterioor Doscectomy with Fusion on me in April. It is now July and I fell like a whole new person. If you are on pain and need to be heard, schedule an appointment with him. His patience and honesty will guide you in the right direction and lead you on the road to getting your life back. I can honestly say he has given me my life back! I am grateful and thankful! All the best to you Dr.!

I highly recommend Dr. Nagasawa. He was very thorough and spent the time with me to really understand my condition and my options. His recommendations allowed me to go with a more minimally invasive procedure which has been a great success.

Dr Khosla saved my life. Meaning he gave it back to me. He did an emergency discectomy on L4-L5 blocking 90% of my spinal column in 2006 (in Reno). I am 100% even 12 yrs later. He is kind, calm, listens, looks you straight in the eye. He is a brilliant surgeon. I have never left one of these. But after a full day hike in the Sierras this weekend, I was thinking how grateful I was to Dr Khosla and how much I owe him. Hands down, the best doctor I’ve ever had. If you can get in, go.

Two years after my spine surgery I Report a perfect recovery and return to a full and active lifestyle at age 76. In addition to his skills as a surgeon the caring and confidence building conversations I had with Dr N the night before, the morning of and the several days after the surgery I know also played a big part in my amazing recovery. He is committed to total physical and emotional support of his patients. He is a very special talent and gift to the field of neurology in so many ways.

I had a C2 to T12 posterior instrument fusion with a C3 to C6 laminectomy to correct a sever spinal stenosis issue that would have probably led to me being handicapped in the near future. I am writing this one year later to say that I am doing great and would Highly recommend Dr. Khostla if you are requiring surgery. The staff was wonderful, the hospital was wonderful and I was back at work within 5 weeks. I worried about this surgery, but can say that I am great-full to Dr Khosla.

Dr. Nagasawa performed back surgery on me. I was in terrible pain before the surgery, but afterwards I had no pain what so ever. He is an excellent surgeon. He also has a great bedside manner and shows his patients that he cares. I would recommend him to any other patient.

Dr. Khosla is the best!! He did emergency surgery on me after I suffered a hemorrhagic stroke! He also did surgery for a shunt, which, so far, has given me absolutely no problem. I wish he would move back to Reno!

Dr. Daniel Nagasawa conducted surgery on me it was very professional from beginning I was evelated theory blood work history, his team from drug indose medication was excellent, my surgery was a difficult one but he was stead fast and precise, after surgery I had some difficulty with my blood, I ready want to leave but he was persistent, so I so I when the distance and grateful for his caring ways. PS. By the way he has a perfect bald head, lol ! Any hospital would be very smart to hire this man, he will make history, remember who predicted it. Darryl Marshall.

I have been practicing for many years as an anesthesiologist in LA. I got to know Dr Khosla by recommendation from one of my colleagues. He did my cervical spine fusion at C3-4 and C5-6. I feel so lucky to have him to operate on me. He is an excellent neurosurgeon. I had my surgery about a year now and completely recovered. In fact, it is more than what I expected. His surgical operation is neat which gives quick recovery without complications. Absolutely, two thumbs up!

I am a patient of Dr. Nagasawa and am very satisfied with the care and professionalism he has showed me. He listens and addresses my concern in a timely manner, and makes me feel comfortable with any question I need to ask. He was always patient with me asking questions no matter what they were. I believe he will be a great asset to you and he will be greatly missed.

I suffered from spinal stenosis for over 7 years. I was basically incapacitated by that condition. The excruciating pain and numbness down my back, legs and feet prevented me from walking, standing or sitting for more than 5 min. I had a L5/S1 decompression with fusion by Dr Khosla 8 weeks ago and I am completely pain free now. Dr Khosla listens, he is very professional, calm and reassuring. Dr Khosla, thank you so much for giving me my life back. May God bless you and give you many more years.

I am retired military and had neck surgery at WLA Veterans Hospital performed by Dr. Nagasawa. He did an outstanding job performing his work. I am now in full recovery and back to normal and working as a postal custodian in perfect condition. He did a good job and I will recommend him to my fellow veterans. Again, thank you Dr. Nagasawa for doing a good job and helping others make their lives longer and better.

Dr. Khosla performed back surgery consisting of Laminectomy Lumbar with Fusion of the L3-5 vertebrae on August 15, 2018. This surgery was performed to relive pressure on my nerves that had become inflamed such that I couldn't walk any longer for any length of distance. Dr Khosla is an extreme professional and a person I would recommend to family and friends. The surgery was very successful, recovery to normal activities in less than six weeks, and I can now walk without any pain.

My experience with Dr. Nagasawa was outstanding! He was always reassuring which gave me hope and inspiration to have my surgery done!

I’m a 58 year old male. I noticed that I was losing strength and feeling fatigue all the time. I was even having a hard time getting in and out of my car. I ride Harley’s and it was becoming difficult to ride. I could barely shift the gears. I was starting to get depressed. I went to my primary doctor to see if their was anything they can do? I was in constant pain all the time. I was referred to Dr. Khosla. I had surgery 3-weeks later. I’m a new man with no pain and living my life! Thank You!

I received back surgery from Dr. Nagasawa about 2 weeks ago at the west va hospital. I can say I am very pleased with the way he goes about pre-surgery activities, he made me feel very confident in him and the procedure. He is very patient oriented and took the time to make me feel comfortable. All in all I was impressed. Great doctor and I know he will get even better throughout his carrier. Thanks Dr. Nagasawa for doing an outstanding job in patient care and surgery.

Dr. Khosla gave me my life back! Not only did a fabulous job, his bedside manner is superb! My neck feels amazing and it’s only been 5 weeks post op. I would recommend my own mother to him! He has a true gift. Thanks Doc??!

I have received excellent neurosurgical care from Dr. Nagasawa at the Los Angeles VA Medical Center. I had back surgery in 2018 and am extremely pleased with the results. I find Dr. Nagasawa to be patient orientated, extremely knowledgeable, and professional in his field.

Excellent surgeon! Saved my life when I fell and damaged C3 through C7. Implanted titanium lader and cleaned up sever damage completely. Followup with helping me get required rehab and physical therapy. Quiet and professional speaks slowly but talks volumes and explains difficult situations so we can understand.

He fused 8 of my discs and I haven't had 1 pain since being wheeled into surgery. He is an absolutely wonderful specialist for anyone with back problems.

Personable, Professional, Honest. He performed my neurosurgery and now the affected area is pain free with no long term medications nor physical therapy.

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