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Vascular Abnormalities

Roughly 20% of the blood in our bodies flows through the network of vessels in the head, and around the brain. Any vascular abnormalities present in that network then pose a great risk to health and can lead to serious health conditions or permanent disabilities.

What are their symptoms?

There are quite a few symptoms associated with vascular abnormalities, but most people will not notice anything until after the occurrence of a rupture. An aneurysm can feel like a very sudden and powerful headache, and often a person suffering an aneurysm can become unconscious. Seizure activity or weakness in one part of the body might occur and the patient may need assistance for breathing and basic bodily function. Patient need emergency care in a specialized center.

Vascular Abnormalities Los Angeles

How are they treated?

There are surgical options available that are usually performed on an emergency basis in the event of a ruptured aneurysm. If you have a family history of vascular abnormalities, then this can help the surgeon to diagnose the condition and take steps to prevent a rupture.

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