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Lumbar Spine Surgery

Lower back surgery is commonly performed for a pinched nerve and is referred to as decompression spine surgery. In most cases, this surgery can be performed with minimally invasive procedures and achieves a 90% favorable outcome. In surgeries with more extensive degeneration, the procedures may be more complex and require more time to heal.

Posterior lumbar interbody fusion: transforaminal lumbar interbody discectomy and fusion

This long collection of words refers to a method to reinforce lower spine instability by either fusing two vertebrae together (interbody fusion) or by doing so after removing a painful disc that exists between them. The fusion is achieved using bone grafts either from a part of your body or from a donor bank. Much of the procedure is done through the openings where the nerve roots exit the spine, so your surgeon can access the anterior portion of the spine for better access to the disc. This opening is called the foramina, where the term “transforaminal” is derived. The use of expandable, lordotic cages to correct the loss of height is a powerful way to improve the ability of the patient to stand straighter with little to no pain.

Anterior lumbar total disc replacement

Approaching the spine from the anterior lumbar direction requires an incision in the abdomen. This approach offers the best access to the intervertebral disk which is removed. Once the disc is removed, it is replaced with either an artificial disc or a bone graft spacer to create or maintain the proper distance between vertebras.

Lumbar Spine Surgery

Spinal tumor surgery

Spinal surgery techniques to address tumors vary widely. There are many factors to consider, including the type of tumor, its location and position in the spinal canal, the degree of discomfort it is generating and if it is growing or stabilized. Some tumors begin in the spine and some migrate to it. Depending on these factors, Achieve Brain & Spine offers many non-surgical options to address this issue.

Minimally invasive lumbar spine surgery: Laminotomy, foraminotomy, laminectomy

Each of these procedures are characterized by a minimal removal of spinal bone to relieve and decompress pressure on the spinal canal and nerves exiting the spine to other parts of the body. Our patients typically experience great relief from loss of strength as well as shooting pains and numbness running down their arms or legs after undergoing these minimally invasive spinal surgeries. Patients usually are home the same day of surgery resting comfortably with loved ones.

Posterior laminectomy & fusion, using flexible PEEK rods

When a laminectomy is performed, that portion of the spine has lost some of its support. To restore stability a bone fusion is performed, and hardware is installed to the area stable as the bones grow together. PEEK rods have an elasticity that mimic the features of the physical environment they are placed within. This is important as it means the added material is much less likely to create issues in adjacent spinal areas.

Lumbar Spine Surgery

Scoliosis correction in adults

Adult scoliosis is diagnosed when there is an abnormal curvature of the spine either from spinal degeneration or from uncorrected childhood development. Using advanced imaging technology, our spine experts can determine the best approach to correction.

In many cases, we may recommend minimally invasive correctional procedures that restore a healthier condition, reduce pain and numbness, and improve quality of life. Other times, we will do a bigger surgery that requires the surgeon to have a wealth of experience in correcting complex deformities as well as reducing operative time so the post-operative complication rates can be reduced to a fraction of what is reported in the literature.

The surgeons at Achieve Brain & Spine bring knowledge and experience from trauma center treatment of deformity (such as ski and mountain bike injuries and complex motor vehicle related injuries). In addition, they have two decades plus experience in taking care of complex kyphosis and scoliosis patients in the adult population.

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