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Maya Atmojo, PA-C, brought her expertise and passion for patient care to Achieve Brain & Spine in 2023. Fluent in both Spanish and English, Maya serves as a vital link between patients and medical professionals, ensuring clear communication and understanding in diverse linguistic settings.

A graduate of the esteemed University of Utah, Maya's academic journey provided her with a solid foundation in healthcare principles and practices. With a commitment to excellence instilled during her education, Maya continually strives to deliver the highest standard of care to her patients.

Maya's dedication to patient well-being shines through in her approach to healthcare. Her genuine empathy and compassion create a supportive environment where patients feel heard and valued. Maya's bilingual abilities further enhance her ability to connect with a wide range of individuals, fostering trust and rapport within the community.

Maya's Curriculum Vitae

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Maya Atmojo PA-C

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We are starting elective surgery with resumption of strict adherence to patient safety.

Patients will be tested for infection prior to surgery for their and the safety of hospital staff.

We have already been taking care of all emergency procedures and helping ICU physicians. With this experience, we are well versed on science based safety practices for covid and non-covid infected patients.

Every attempt to safeguard that Neurosurgical and Spine Surgery can be done in this fast changing “new normal” time will be made so that those suffering in pain and neurological impairment can get the attention they have been putting off.

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