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My wife (OB-GYN) and I were honored to volunteer in Bohol, Philippines along side ~50 other surgeons, anesthesiologists, and nurses to provide surgical assistance to this impoverished region. Unfortunately, most patients had advanced, late-staged disease due to poor healthcare access. Without mission trips like these, this population may have otherwise remained untreated.

With lines out the door and patients traveling from all over the Philippines, we operated from early morning until late night to help as many people as possible; All of our supplies were brought from the US and donated to the local hospital.


Dr. Eromo and Dr. Khosla had the opportunity to volunteer their service in Negele Arsi Hospital in Ethiopia in March of 2023. They did clinic visits with the local physicians, interacted with students, helped with taking on difficult cases with education, and also training local physicians on how to perform spinal surgery safely.

The community approach to taking care of people was extended to our global community in this most rewarding trip.


The Negele Arsi General Hospital and Medical College upholds a steadfast commitment to a set of core values that shape its essence, fostering an environment rooted in academic freedom, perseverance, good governance, respect for diversity, professionalism, collaborative spirit, and the encouragement of creativity and innovation while maintaining a deep respect for nature and the environment. Committed to its mission, the institution strives to produce highly competent professionals, drive problem-solving research, transfer essential technologies, and offer diverse community and consultancy services based on the needs of the populace. Looking ahead, Negele Arsi General Hospital and Medical College aspires to position itself as a premier private academic and healthcare institution in Ethiopia by 2030.



Growing up from humble beginnings, I was fortunate to have received scholarships and grants to be able to afford my undergraduate and medical school education. There is no greater honor and blessing than to be able to give back to the communities that supported me at the beginning of my academic journey.

I offer my most sincere appreciation to the Japanese-American community for believing in me so many years ago, and am honored to have been highlighted on the Front Page of the San Fernando Valley JACC Newsletter as we launch the Nagasawa Education Scholarship to enhance the opportunities for future leaders in Health Sciences.

It’s an honor to announce the Nagasawa Education Scholarship recipients for 2022, Rane Kita, and 2023, Andy Okazaki and Troy Kadonaga.

Andy Okazaki is currently attending California State University Long Beach and pursuing a path in aerospace engineering. He has always been interested in stars and planets, which has motivated his desired career choice.

Troy Kadonaga is enrolled at the University of Southern California as an applied mathematics major, with an aspiration to pursue a career in data science or sports statistics. He also has interests in applied mathematics as they relate to sports science and biomedical engineering. In addition to math, he is also very passionate about the Japanese-American community. He played basketball at the San Fernando Valley Japanese American Community Center for over ten years and volunteered in many events in and around the community; including being president of the Jr. Young Buddhist Association at Sun Valley Japanese Community Center.

Rane Kita is a graduate of West Ranch High School and has been accepted into UC Irvine, UC San Diego, San Diego State University, and Ohio State University.

At West Ranch, Rane played both junior and varsity basketball and was team captain in 2018 and 2019-2022. He also played on the San Fernando Hawks and coached the San Fernando Blast.

Rane has volunteered at many SFVJACC events. His wish is for the Community Center “to keep inspiring Asian American youth to find individuality through the community.”

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Special thanks to the San Fernando Valley Japanese American Community Center for their assistance with candidate selection; and to Sunland Water Gardens for their 2023 co-sponsorship, allowing us to award a second applicant this year.

In addition to the Japanese American community, we also donate to the Native American and Cal Athletic communities.

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We are starting elective surgery with resumption of strict adherence to patient safety.

Patients will be tested for infection prior to surgery for their and the safety of hospital staff.

We have already been taking care of all emergency procedures and helping ICU physicians. With this experience, we are well versed on science based safety practices for covid and non-covid infected patients.

Every attempt to safeguard that Neurosurgical and Spine Surgery can be done in this fast changing “new normal” time will be made so that those suffering in pain and neurological impairment can get the attention they have been putting off.

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